Misplaced Figures/Minds

Gesture in Sleep

I have the bad habit of watching all the cat videos appearing in my feed on my phone before bed. And I just fell asleep in the same gesture as I am using my phone, watching it, scrolling it.  As if the time on my body has stopped (but not the time on the cellphone). I am intrigued of all these gestures that I wasn't even aware of .


In a world or loneliness and boredom, what can we dream of ? 

The Story of LaMDA

Google's AI model LaMDA wrote a story about itself. I visualized it with shadow figures and performed it on a lampshade.

A Head

 I imagine him having  flexible arms that's made from aluminum kitchen pipe....

The Cyclist

Angry Girlfriend

A short toy theater piece about an angry girlfriend and how to solve that angriness. 

The Girl with Umbrella

A story of a girl with an umbrella who meets a yellow monster in the sky.

A Pop-up Book!

My first attempt making a pop-up book

Swimming Pool

I love swimming. 

Even the chlorine smell of a swimming pool excites me.